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Coonoor Holiday Packages For Family Tour And Travel

Coonoor holiday packages are very popular among newlyweds that want to escape from the stressful and agitated life in the city and to enjoy relaxing moments in a place of an unspoken natural beauty. Coonoor holiday packages are much appreciated by nature lovers. The view is picturesque and there are many beautiful picnic spots where couples can spend romantic moments. Coonoor is the second largest hill station of Nilgiri Hills. Coonoor tour packages don’t only provide relaxation to newlyweds, but also the opportunity to visit tourist attractions and to get involved in all sorts of outdoor activities.

Coonoor holiday packages are first of all impressive because of the scenic landscape, the waterfalls, the valleys and the tea plantations that you can admire. They are also fascinating because of the attractions that you’ll have the chance to see. Those on Coonoor holiday packages are fascinated about the Dolphin’s Nose and the Catherine Falls. The first one is a rock that stands out like the nose of a dolphin. The view that tourists can admire from there is captivating. Catherine Falls are one of the major attractions of Coonoor holiday packages. Their height is of 250 feet and they can be seen from the Dolphin’s Nose. Lamb’s Rock is another great spot for nature admirers. It is right on the way to the Dolphin’s Nose and it is perfect for picnics or for simply taking a look at the fabulous view.

Coonoor tour packages are offering lots of opportunities for those passionate in trekking. Visiting the Hidden Valley is one of the most beautiful things that one can do in Coonoor tour packages. The valley is not easily accessible, but when you reach it, you will know that it was worth your effort. Droog Fort is another attraction of Coonoor tour packages that is appealing for trekkers. It offers a panoramic view over the surroundings and it was used by Tipu Sultan.

Coonoor tour packages can’t be complete without visiting the Sim’s Park. It hosts plants from the entire world and tourists love it for the fruits and vegetables shows that take place every year. Wellington’s Golf Course is also attractive for tourists on Coonoor tour packages. There have been many movies scenes shot here.

Coonoor tour packages are providing many entertainment options and are a perfect way to get closer to the nature and to refill your batteries. Coonoor holiday packages are a dream come true for nature enthusiasts.

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