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Corbett Holiday Packages For Family Tour And Travel

Corbett holiday packages are different than traditional tour packages. They are for nature lovers and for adventurous people and they offer the possibility to spend time in a unique manner. Corbett holiday packages are especially conceived for those who want to re-connect with nature and to spend some time in places of a scenic beauty. Corbett holiday packages are chosen by those who want to explore the Corbett National Park. This is fascinating and those passionate in wild life can spend a very enjoyable and educative time here. Corbett tour packages are a unique opportunity to admire various species of birds, animals and plants and to visit one of the most important destinations for wild life tourism.

Not only is the biodiversity in the park attractive for those who take Corbett holiday packages, but they are also charmed by the natural beauty and the landscape they find here. Corbett National Park is indeed the main attractions for those on Corbett holiday packages, but there are also other interesting places to see. The park is the one that makes the area known worldwide and it is a perfect opportunity to find out more about wild life on Indian territories and about various species that live here. Tourists will see tigers, Himalayan bears, elephants, jackals, deer and many other animals. Those who book Corbett tour packages should also consider to take a jeep safari or to explore the park on elephant back. They are equally enjoyable and they both allow you to admire the forest in its entire beauty.

While on Corbett tour packages, you can also visit the Corbett Museum. It is dedicated to the man that founded the national park and it is located in Dhangarhi House. Kaladungi is also worth a visit during Corbett tour packages because it is the residence of Jim Corbett. It is located on the main route between Nainital and Dhikala. Since Corbett tour packages are mainly about admiring nature and its beauty, newlyweds shouldn’t miss Kalagarh Dam. It is great for bird watching and enthusiasts can spend a lot of time here without getting bored. Jhirna is also the house of many species of animals and birds. It is situated between the national park and Kalagarh.

During Corbett holiday packages tourists can visit the Garija Devi. It is a great experience to get closer to the divinity after spending time surrounded by natural wonders. Corbett holiday packages are a memorable experience for those who really want to know more about the world we are living in.

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